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About us

VanderVeen Elder and Special Needs Law was created to provide both virtual and in person services to clients across Indiana and Michigan.  Our goal is to meet the needs of clients in the manner they are most comfortable with. 


For those who have family members spread around the country, or for whom leaving home is difficult, virtual planning options can allow an in depth consultation with anyone the clients wishes involved.  Our convenient location on Edison Rd. between Grape and Main in Mishawaka provides easy access for in person meetings.

With over twenty years of experience in estate planning, elder law and special needs planning, VanderVeen Elder and Special Needs Law develops creative, individualized solutions to allow our clients and their families to have peace of mind and security.


Why do you charge for initial consultations?

What distinguishes skilled attorneys from documents that you can print off of the internet is our knowledge and experience.   We could offer a free consultation, meet with you, listen to your concerns, and then tell you we can help you for this price.   You would leave the consult knowing little more than when you started.

Our goal is to use the initial consultation to discuss your problem and give you some options for how to solve it.  In an estate planning consultation, we often sketch out an entire plan outline based on our discussions and you leave with our recommendations, even if you choose not to proceed with the project.

For some clients, the initial consultation is all they need to get the answers to their questions about Medicaid, guardianship, or how to act as an attorney in fact.

What We Do

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Elder Law

We work with older adults and the family members caring for them to develop customized plans to meet the unique needs and goals of each situation.  Using estate planning, tax planning and Medicaid eligibility techniques, our goal is to establish a plan to address current needs and future concerns. 

Estate Planning

We focus on planning for more than just the smooth transfer of assets at death.  By creating a comprehensive plan that addresses incapacity planning, tax planning, and preventing potential disputes among heirs, we strive to ensure that your wishes are followed, your loved ones are taken care of and that you leave behind the legacy you envisioned.

Special Needs

Our goal is to create comprehensive strategy to ensure the long-term support of an individual with a disability or special needs, taking into account the unique needs and circumstances of the family. and involves creating a plan that will provide for their financial, medical, and legal needs throughout their lifetime.

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