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Estate and Trust Administration

After the death of a loved one, even the simplest estate requires some administration,  Bills need to be paid, possessions need to be distributed or disposed of and accounts need to be closed.   We are here to advise and assist with this process.

Flowers on a Tombstone


If an estate needs to be opened with the probate court or, if a small estate process needs to be administered, families are often confused and conflicted, with everyone having their own opinions on how things should be handled.  If the family members don't have opinions, friends, acquaintances, and random people at the bank will helpfully offer theirs.

Our job is to help families sort through all of the noise and find the right path for them.  While most families will go through this process once or twice, we have been involved in hundreds of estate administrations.  Having worked through a wide variety of scenarios, we can guide families away from the pitfalls and make the process as smooth and painless as possible.

Flowers on a Tombstone
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Many people use trusts to administer their estates in order to avoid probate in the belief this will make the process easier for their loved ones.  While it does eliminate the need for court intervention, the assets in the trust still need to be administered and bills still need to be paid.

We can explain how the trust directs the administration and distribution, answer questions along the way and help make the process straight forward.

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